About Me

Hi, I’m Kayla.

I’ve been married for four years to an amazing guy named Jonny. We’re parents to an awesome son named Joseph, who was born in Nigeria + joined our family in 2011. I love both of my boys. We have another boy on the way. My due date is March 21, 2013.

I have a B.A. in journalism and mass communication. I majored in magazine journalism and minored in sociology and English. I like words + stuff.

Speaking of words, I’ve been a newspaper journalist, magazine staff writer, and freelancer. I currently work from home as a part-time health + family editor for a national magazine’s website. I’m also a full-time mama. It’s swell. It can be a challenge to fit everything in, but I’m thrilled and feel really fortunate to do what I lurve.

Our home is a place of letting your freak flag fly. We like to be wild + funny and we’re usually laughing in that hold-your-sides kind of way. Jonny and I have many attributes of quirky SNL-characters and usually that doesn’t scare people away. Usually.

All good things in my life flow from Jesus. My mission is to reflect his generous, grace-filled love with all my heart, soul + mind. I’m passionate about shedding religious cliches and living an authentic, Jesus-centered life. Sometimes I get frustrated and often times I fail. I’m a work in progress.

Other things I like, in no particular order: Owl motifs. Vintage Pyrex. Diversity. Editing. Jewel tones. Baking. Education. Puppies! Sarcasm. Mad Men. Pretty stationery. Correct grammar. Friends, family and friends who feel more like family. Theology. Getting mail. Conspiracy theories. Witty banter. New Girl. Iced tea. Leaves and branches. Iphoneography. Sharpie pens. Clearance racks. Modern Family. Sunglasses. Leading teams. Coffee. Spearmint gum. Old neighborhoods. Sociology. Lunch dates. Essie nail polish. Hospitality. Good journalism. Typography. Handmade pretties. The smell of Christmas. How I Met Your Mother. Kids of every kind. Recipes. Historical fiction. Non-fiction. Psych.

I’m a person who’s undoubtedly blemished but immeasurably blessed.