first-ever giveaway on the blog: free ‘get you here’ world map design print

I’m so thrilled to offer an exclusive giveaway…and it’s a good one, you guys.

My friends are adopting. Natalie + Dan Seitz recently found out that some very sweet twin boys in Africa were waiting for a family. The Seitzes are planning to be that family.

Not only are Natalie + Dan super talented (Dan is in med school + Natalie has a Master’s in social work), but they are extremely creative as well. (And humble — I’ve known Natalie for awhile, and I’ve never heard her brag about…anything.)

To offset the fees associated with adoption (click here to see a breakdown of how much it costs), they designed some screen-printed t-shirts. (Did I mention they’re newlyweds + only 24?!)

I’m so happy to offer the ‘Get You Here’ screenprinted art as the giveaway!

It was a test print, so it’s actually printed on a stiff, woven fabric. It could easy be framed, trimmed down, or hung on a cork board. (I really want to keep this for myself!)

Here are six different ways to gain entries to the giveaway. (Up your chances of winning by doing them all!)

  1. Tweet it. If you’re on Twitter (and if not, here’s your reason to join!) retweet this: ‘I’m helping an adoption by entering a giveaway to win a one-of-a-kind world map art print. You can, too: #getyouhere' (Twitter will automatically shorten the link, so you should have enough room.) Then, leave a comment letting me know you tweeted.
  2. Share it. It’s pretty incredible what can happen when we share our stories with each other. Copy + paste link to this post to your Facebook ( and include this text: ‘I’m helping an adoption by entering a giveaway to win a one-of-a-kind world map art print. You can, too!' Then, leave a comment letting me know you shared on Facebook.
  3. Watch it. Interested in why a newly-married young couple is adopting? Want to know why they’re adopting internationally? Curious about how the process works? Watch their charming Give1:Save1 video and leave a comment letting me know you’ve watched it (and what you learned from it or liked about it!).
  4. Blog it. If you fancy yourself a blogger, why not spread the word in a post? Share the link in a comment for an entry!
  5. Wear it. For $20, a buttery soft, custom-design (American Apparel) shirt can be yours! (Buy here.) All of the money goes toward adoption expenses. You can opt for a crew neck or v-neck. Check them out, and if you buy one (or two, or three, or four), leave comments letting me know. You’ll get an entry for each shirt you buy!
  6. Give it. If you feel led to bless them by helping financially via PayPal, I know from experience how beyond-words amazing it is to know there are strangers out there who are willing to give out of their hearts + pockets to help a family they might not even know. (Here’s why they’re adopting.) Give a little or a lot, don’t tell me how much, just leave a comment so I know you’ve contributed.

Please leave a comment for each entry. I’ll draw a winner Monday night at 7 p.m. CST and will notify the winner via a blog post.

And if you’re the praying type, I know your prayers for these two little ones are coveted most of all.

Ok, go! And share! Let’s not make this first giveaway a bust!

five happy things.

So, question: Have you ever gone through some rough stuff? Like punches in the stomach type of stuff that make you crawl under the covers, leaving your pillow streaked with mascara? Yeah, me neither…

Regardless of circumstances, today I woke up determined to find at least one happy thing. And I thought of five. Victory!

So, here’s a list of five happy things.

1. This bag.

It’s the Fossil Key-Per Retro Utility. It’s huge and pretty and has approximately one billion pockets, including a place for the almighty laptop. I got the bag in the mail last week and I love it. (Annnnd it’s going to turn into the perfet diaper bag someday! Which is why I actually bought it.)

2. This guy.

I am so beyond lucky and blessed to be married to this crazy fool. He is just the tops in every way. I’m so thankful we have that kind of sparkling love that poems, movies and songs can only dream about.

3. This movie.

It’s a little raunchy. It’s a lot ridiculous. It’s Kristen Wiig at her best. I saw Bridesmaids this weekend with some awesome friends after having a really fun dinner. And even though we were late and we had to sit in the front row, we LOLed a lot. It was worth the neck cramp. I also realized that I have more weird + quirky Kristen Wiig mannerisms than I thought. I’m going to take that as a good thing.

4. These shoes.

Yes. Just yes. Say what you will, but sometimes a new pair of shoes is just…needed. I had been dreaming about these beauties for a while, and when a Target sale happens, well, it’s meant. to. be.

5. This art.

Some really awesome friends who are really more like family surprised us with this awesome art, which is now hanging above the couch. They took the tree from our ‘Rooted in Love’ fundraiser shirts and comissioned an artist, who designed it in vinyl between two panes of glass. The artist is also a woodworker, and he made the custom frame. It’s just so awesome and thoughtful. (His other stuff is amazing, too. Go check out his work.)